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    At Request Legal Services, we believe everyone deserves affordable legal protection. We pride ourselves on connecting you with not just any legal protection but great legal protection. This is why we take the selection of our partner law firms very seriously.

    Our Consultation:

    The Advocates In Dubai Service consists of a referral to a local attorney and a 30 minute consultation. The Lawyer Referral service can also provide assistance helping you determine what kind of legal assistance you might need and organizations that may be able to help.

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  • Sign a Contract:

    Anytime that you sign a contract, it is important that the terms of your contract are properly drafted to ensure that it meets everyone’s intentions. We can draft or review contracts before you sign them including real property lease agreements, purchase or sale contracts, as well as employee agreements.


    Tie payment dates to job completion. Most contractors will ask for a down payment, usually between 20 and 30 percent of the total cost. You should watch out for a contractor who asks for a full payment before starting a job. It’s also a good idea to hold back at least 10 percent of the payment until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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  • Investigation:

    Lawyers Investigating Service ,Inc., a Maine-based corporation, provides a wide range of services to attorneys, businesses and individual clients. All matters are kept confidential. Our investigators are highly skilled, licensed, bonded and insured.

    Fight in Court:

    If you’re not happy with the reply to your complaint or the way it was handled, you can ask the senior manager to carry out a review.They should reply within 10 working days.

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